Scholz Estate

Quick Facts


Scholz Estate is located in Ebenezer at the north-eastern end of the Barossa Valley. This is a premium area for producing Shiraz.


  • 41 hectares (101 acres) all planted to Shiraz (clone 1654) on own roots
  • 3.3m vine row x 2m vine spacings = 1,515 vines/ha
  • Pruning. 42 buds/vine or 21 buds/metre single cordon with a catch wire at 30cm.

Soils and Topography

  • Loamy soils over red clay (good water holding capacity)
  • Cover crop (triticale) side thrown to produce a mulch undervine.
  • Elevation 290 to 305 metres, gently sloping

Mediterranean Climate

  • Rows are located in a east-west direction to maximize fruit protection during the growing season


  • Past yielding history is 5 to 7.5 t/ha (2 to 3 t/acre) with an average of 6 t/ha (2.5 t/acre)
  • Fruit is normally picked between 10th to 15th March (depending on the season)


  • Average annual rainfall of 500mm
  • Drip irrigated (pulse)
  • The Diviner 2000 (soil moisture monitor) is used to help achieve maximum water use efficiency (12 sites)
  • Dam capacity is 42ML (lined and covered)
  • 60ML River Murray Water licence